Innovate dual wideband install (DLG-1)

Why a dual wideband oxygen sensor?

I’ve chosen the Innovate Motorsports DLG-1 dual wideband gauge kit for my install into my Datsun 240Z.  But really more information to optimise my tune is the answer!  Rarely is there an engine which has all cylinders operating 100% the same.  

Those who have experience Nissan L6 motors know that cylinders 5 and 6 at the rear of the motor can behave differently to the other cylinders.  At the time of writing my motor uses a Zstory race sport header.  This is a six into two in to one header.  Cylinders one to three and four to six are the primary pipe groupings.  This allows me to install a wideband sensor in each grouping.

Why Innovate Motorsports?

I have had experience with Innovate Motorsports previously.  For more than a decade I used the LM-2 widband datalogger for tuning my 240Z.  While there were minor glitches the unit works very well.  So based on past performance I decided to remain within the Innovate Motorsports ecosystem.

I purchased the DLG-1 from eBay which is my favourite place of purchase.  Here is a link if you want to purchase your own: https://builtonpurpose.co/recommends/innovate-dlg-1/

Here is a link to the Innovate Motorsports website: https://www.innovatemotorsports.com/

The Innovate dual wideband install

The Innovate dual wideband install was not difficult.  The instructions are pretty good.  A couple of wires for each of the DLG-1 and LC-2 need to be patched in.  I already had the hardware in my car and made a small patch loom to connect power, grounds and the ECU.  The DLG-1 and LC-2 require seperate power supplies each protected by 5A fuses.

One negative comment I will make is the leads to connect the sensors to the DLG-1 and LC-2 as well as the patch cable are all in excess of what I needed.  Innovate sell shorter 4ft sensor cables and it would have been nice to have an option to the provided 8ft sensor cables.  I left my most of the 8ft sensors cables coiled under my floor mat until I purchase 4ft cables.

I’ve made a step by step video guide of the install which I’ve embedded below. 


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