The problem return bend vent hose

There are options for replacing the 240Z fuel tank vent hose. Chances are if you have pulled the fuel tank from your 240Z, 260Z or 280Z, the original OEM braided vent lines will be toast. The configuration and number of ventilation hose will vary between years and place of sale.

In my case I am working with an April 1971 240Z delivered to Australia. This tank only has that one vent hose at the top of the tank with a return bend. This is to allow filling of the tank past the filler level. My 240Z fuel tank vent hose was mostly broken at the return bend.

240Z fuel tank vent hose options


Good luck finding a genuine 240Z fuel tank vent hose these days. A number of OEM style reproductions of the braided line are available. At a price!


Normal 5/8″ fuel safe hose can accomodate most of the fuel tank ventilation hose configurations except the top line with the return. Sort out the return bend and you’re all sweet. But how?


A number of ways exist to facilitate the bend. Springs inside the hose, tubing bent to shape, 90 degree plumbing fittings, the list goes on. For me, I wanted to use fuel safe hose from the tank but I did not want a metal inside the hose, so read on for my fix!

Enter Unicoil!

This little beauty has been patented and made in Australia since 2003 and is available worldwide. This invention uses a coiled length around the outside of the hose and has a bendable spline connected to the ends of the coil. Click on the image below to buy online or head down to your local store.

Simply feed the Unicoil onto the end of the hose to become the return bend making sure the unicoil spline is on the inside radius. Tip: if you hose was supplied in a coil like mine, utilise the memory effect of the coil and make the return bend in the same direction!

Take your time and use your hands or bend slowly around a die but try not to make a sharp bend in the spline and keep things smooth. The final return bend the same radius as the OEM braided line. After you’ve finished admiring your handy work you can install the line in the place of the original.


The Unicoil is a very cost effective solution when compared to an OEM style reproduction 240Z fuel tank vent hose. But don’t ever think your fuel tank does not need ventilation! See the example in the links below. Be sure to use appropriately rated fuel hose line as well. Heater hose will only deteriorate over time from fuel.

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